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Due Diligence Topics

  1. Financial
    1. Financial accounts
    2. Taxation
    3. Management accounts
    4. Budgets
    5. Cash management
    6. Bank accounts & signatories
    7. Insurance
    8. Equity

                                                               i.      Cap table

                                                             ii.      Investment agreements

                                                            iii.      Options

  1. Operations
    1. Product/Technology
    2. R&D
    3. Quality systems
    4. Supply Chain
    5. Administration & Systems

                                                               i.      Processes

                                                             ii.      Procedures

                                                            iii.      Policies

                                                           iv.      Systems

                                                             v.      How does the business run?

  1. Sales and Marketing
  2. HR / Personnel
    1. Org chart
    2. Job descriptions
    3. Key employee CVs
    4. Employee contracts, NDAs, option agreements etc.
    5. Financial summary by employee
    6. Salary structures and benefit plans
    7. Policies (written and unwritten) for all aspects of personnel mgt.
    8. Customers
    9. Legal  & Governance
      1. Regulatory
      2. Contracts
      3. NDAs
      4. Board Minutes
      5. Shareholder Minutes
      6. Intellectual Property

                                                               i.      Patents

                                                             ii.      Know-How

                                                            iii.      Trade secrets

                                                           iv.      Trademarks

                                                             v.      Freedom to operate



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