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The Ace Intelligym – Strategy from Scratch



ACE (Applied Cognitive Engineering) Ltd., an Israeli based company, specializes in the development of Cognitive fitness software) for the sports market. Ace's team consists of professionals in the cognitive psychology field, lead by Prof. Daniel Gopher of the Israeli Institute of Technology (Technion).

Ace developed a sophisticated training system, improving cognitive performance, based on extensive research. Intelligym, Ace's first patented product, is sold to NCAA college teams and individual consumers, mostly in the US.

 The challenge

To set the sports industry standard for cognitive brain training and  to become a global market leader for sports brain fitness systems.

Expand Operations to reach accumulative revenue of US$ 50M within 5 years.

Competition and the target market

The estimated size of the emerging dynamic high growth US brain fitness software market is evaluated at $225M for 2007, and the sports segment being the smallest segment is estimated at less than $20M.

Today many commercial applications of brain fitness are available, targeting four main customer segments: Consumers; Healthcare and Insurance Providers; K12 School Systems; and Military & Sports Teams. Ace's indirect competitor in the sports segment is Cognifit, offering a variety of products with a global coverage.

The proposed solution – Ace's business plan for the next 5 years

1. Ace will focus on its expertise in developing training systems the sports segment.

2. Improve marketing strategy of Intelligym, focusing on a more affordable, user friendly solution and additional distributing channels.

3. Develop a generic product for ball games ("One Ball"), selling to school teams and individuals, an affordable solution for non- professionals.

4. Continue the strategic agreement with USA Hockey and BIRD to develop a training system for USA Hockey.

5. Building a revenue growth through continued development for the sports industry, with fast time to market of the newly developed products

6. Develop a candidate evaluation tool for talent scouters, using the vast data gathered with Intelligym and setting the cognitive fitness standard for scouters.

7. Expand global operations for Intelligym, concentrating on regions with large populations, a technological and gaming consumer culture such as UK, northern Europe, Japan, Korea and China.

8. Explore global partnering opportunities with leading cognitive development groups and complementary companies and products.

9. Consistent and disciplined implementation of the strategic solutions with a focus on global sports events (e.g. FIFA World Cup 2010) .

10. Financial highlights of the business plan

11. Concentrating in the fast growing cognitive fitness market, with an expertise in sports will allow high growth in revenues up to $50M in 2014.

12. Decrease the cost of developing sports training systems.

13. Seek Matching BIRD Funding and additional equity for further development of new products and markets.

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  1. usefull info like always. thanks

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